Flacks PR & publicity

As the owner of Flacks PR, Rhett Wilkinson has earned placement in media that include The Washington Post, USA TODAY, Yahoo! News (twice), the Chicago Tribune (twice), and MSN. He has publicized Sony Pictures Television, Silicon Valley companies, an Instagram influencer, and the world’s leading advocate for a democratic, non-nuclear Iran, and has done content marketing for Microsoft.

Also over Flacks and as a publicist, Rhett has experience writing press releases, doing media relations, and earning media coverage for entities including the State of Utah Governor’s office, The Fruit Truck, author Tyler Davis, United For Better Living’s affordable housing groundbreaking, owners of Los Angeles restaurants in Samer and Samir Akel, restaurant owner consultant Faisal Aldeleigan, New York City director & playwright Nehprii Amenii and her play about police brutality, healthcare expansion advocate Whitney Duhaime, app entrepreneur Angela Ramirez, software executive Art Coombs, the first transgender candidate for mayor in Utah history in Sophia Hawes-Tingey, entrepreneur Michael Galindo, the theatrical film “Before Your Time,” and Alliance for a Better Utah. Rhett has done media relations and earned coverage for author George Artem, professor Anirban M., a government access app, and an artist & publisher. Rhett earned placement for the national non-profit Project Vote Smart. He has also written press releases (that’s all the assignments were) for PicoCluster for CES, a boxing non-profit for youth, an initiative to help the still-innocent vote, a tool to help children deal with stress, an entrepreneur who brought krill meat to the United States, Mountainside Spa, the Tyler Robinson Foundation, and a Republican man who organized an effort on the floor to oppose the nomination of Donald Trump as president at the 2016 GOP National Convention and was the plaintiff in the lawsuit that unbound national delegates under state law. Rhett did content marketing for a tech startup, a Nashville country singer, and a law firm that fights for consumers and for social issues like women’s rights and racial inequality in the Middle East. Rhett has created media lists for many of the aforementioned clients, including the governor’s office and Better Utah, a leading PR organization in the state.

Rhett has also publicized an addiction conference; a mass resignation from the Mormon church; and a film that debuted at the Toronto Film Festival.

In other work, Rhett enjoyed being a screenwriter for “Before Your Time.” He wrote a dozen-and-a-half speeches for the governor. Also, Rhett was part of a Disney film crew and wrote a brief used in a meeting with former President Barack Obama.

Reach Flacks PR at wilkinsonrhett@gmail.com or (801) 300-1809. Follow the agency on Facebook and LinkedIn.